(Research, Technology Development Consultancy Project and Construction Inc. Co.)

MNG TARGEM Inc. Co. was established in Ankara, in 1985 with the scope of serving all project, consultancy and supervising services in the fields of Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Engineering.

As a result of investments realised in tourism sector by MNG Group of Companies, MNG TARGEM Inc. Co. has obtained a perfect command of experience in sectorial design, in addition to other existing project experiences

When these investments are considered, the advantage of having the project owne, constructor, investor and operator from MNG Group of Companies, and of making the right observation prior to and after the construction phase had been evaluated with maximum performance.

With this experience, for the projects successfully completed and the ones that will be tealized in the future, MNG TARGEM Inc. Co. Has assumed an identity that, beyond the step of evaluating the investment with the point of view of designer, takes in consideration the investment and operation economy, realises the maximum conformity to the users requirements.

MNG TARGEM Inc. Co. has a large number of personnel consisting of dynamic architects, interior architects, landscape architects, engineers, draftsmen who have certain principles, work in full-equipped computer environment, are experienced in their own field and can realise high-intensive work programs.

In our company, the projects are firstly examined by our technical teams formed under the responsibility and authority of Architectural, Interior Architectural and Static Group Coordinators working together with the General Manager; and after being discussed, searched, observed, the projects are concluded within the highly coordinated dialogue.